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The first edition of the Festival de La Harpe will take place from September 9 to 11, 2021 . Save the date!



September 9

Romantic stopovers

Island of La Harpe

from 5 p.m.

Boat to the island of La Harpe

Inaugural cocktail

Gypsy music trio

Courtyard of the Château de Rolle

8:30 p.m.

Candlelight concert-Schubert and Fauré.

Christine Regard & the string quartet "Quartessences

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September 10

Romanticism today

Rolle Castle

starting at 5 p.m.

Exhibition "Our romantic revolution" produced by the Gymnase de Nyon. What does romanticism still evoke for the younger generations?

Rolle Castle

Salle des chevaliers

6 p.m.

Conference: What remains of the Romantic Revolution?

with Jean-Michel Henny, philosopher.

Followed by a debate with the public in the presence of the exhibiting artists.


"Visual arts" challenge

Exhibition of works by 3 Swiss artists illustrating the extension of romanticism in contemporary art.


3 emerging artists, selected to exhibit with them, will present their innovative vision of 4 major themes of romanticism.

Rolle Castle

8:30 p.m.

Theater "Hugo, the interview"

Contemporary creation conceived and performed by Yves-Pol Daniélou.

What if the spirit of Victor Hugo visited us?

Editing of texts by V. Hugo answering the questions of a journalist today: an incredible and successful bet.

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September 11th

The romantic feast

Lakeside, Rolle

9:30 am

Artistic performance: "Dream of the future"

Flight of an aerial sculpture driven by solar energy and wind.

Breakfast in a meadow on the shores of the lake offered to spectators.

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Rolle Castle

2 p.m.

Creativity workshops

2. p.m.: Workshops 6-10 years old                

Storytelling followed by creative expression through painting or drawing.

4 p.m .: Workshops for 11-15 years old in music.   Creative expression through painting or drawing from a chosen romantic theme.

Rolle Castle

4 p.m.

Dancing in romantic times

19th century ball dances ( waltz, polka, quadrille)

Dance lessons led by Annie Le Borgne.

During the afternoon, on the lawn around the castle, proposals for old games, light meals and musical entertainment by local artists.

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Esplanade in front of the castle, by the lake

9 p.m.

Bal musette

Hosted by the musicians of the group Bal O'Swing.