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9-11 SEPT 2021





Immerse yourself in the great cultural revolutions that have crossed Europe since the age of Enlightment. 


Every year, each edition of the festival will explore a major cultural movement, 2021 will launch with the Romantic Revolution.


Relive the spirit of the era through a specially devised program of art, music, performance, film and much more that touches on the Romantic Era's key themes. Join us in a celebration of the imaginations, a connection with your emotions and nature.


Experiment and take part in our participatory program from dance, music, and art-making workshops led by artists, to musical meditation and reconnect with your emotions.


Discuss and debate with our invited collaborators on the great ideas of artistic revolutions, from the power of nature and imagination to the sublime and transcendence, and their resonance in contemporary times.

Join us!

The Festival de La Harpe keeps you informed of its participatory program, thematic activities and diverse opportunities in the few months before and during the days of the festival. 

See you soon!


Ile de La Harpe

Rolle, Switzerland

The island of La Harpe, the largest of the two islands in Lake Geneva, was built in 1835 at the heart of the Romantic period. Its green setting, view of the open sea, and the castle of Rolle and the mountains made it a place of reverie appreciated by artists and writers.


From 1846, and for many years, the students of the Société des Belles-Lettres de Lausanne met there and organised memorable feasts. At the foot of the obelisk erected in memory of César Frédéric de La Harpe, they celebrated the values of freedom that the famous native of Rolle, an ardent propagator of the philosophy of the Enlightenment, had largely contributed to defending.