The Festival de La Harpe pays tribute to the great cultural revolutions that have crossed Europe since the Enlightenment, and in which Switzerland has taken an active part.

These revolutions have brought in their wake the art of living, politics, science and have accompanied the evolution of our lives.

What remains of these movements of ideas today? Are their major themes still a source of inspiration for today's artists?

Through a varied program of music, performance, dance, film, and visual arts, we unveil this link between past and present through heritage and innovation, and we bring audiences together to discuss. 

In 2021, we will recharge our batteries with the energy of the Romantic Revolution, this "process of poetizing the world" which was a real breakthrough in 19th century art and whose artists have so often been inspired by Switzerland.

The festival, which aims to highlight artists and young talents residing in Switzerland, as well as European guests, is conceived in a participative way. Most importantly, we are open to collaboration, nurtured by debate and conversation with our audiences, through an educational approach of sharing knowledge and creativity. 

In future editions, Festival de La Harpe will explore further major artistic revolutions. In 2022 we will be celebrating the Surrealist Revolution. Following this, we will enter into 2023 with the Pop Revolution.


ROMANTICISM is an artistic and cultural movement born at the end of the 18th century, crossing Europe until the 1850s. Present in literature, painting, sculpture, music, and politics, it characterizes itself by the liberation of the expression of individual emotions and an impulse of "poeticizing" the world. 


As opposed to the rationalism of the 18th century, Romanticism is a reaction of emotion against reason, exalting mystery and fantasy and seeking escape into dreams, the morbid and the sublime, exoticism and the past.