Organised on the fringes of the festival, between 9 and 17 September, the workshops are intended for the public or for companies. They all have one thing in common: they offer you a personal creative experience or one that is linked to an artistic practice.

The workshops of the festival aim to bring art and personal development closer together, valuing the artistic experience as a universal human experience, generating emotions at the centre of individual and collective exploration. As an invitation to get closer to one's intuitive being - the creator - they allow us to rediscover our power of presence, of letting go and of expressing our emotional intelligence, notably through the arts (painting, music, theatre) and the influence of nature.

Reservations for public and corporate workshops can be made online, by email: or by phone 079 698 41 75.

Art of living

Musical meditation in the forest


2 workshops open to all,

centered on our relationships, both in social environments and with nature. 

Creativity and emotional intelligence at the service of team cohesion and employee's development.


4 workshops for organizations.


Find out about the speakers who will lead our various workshops.