Many themes of the Romantic Revolution, which opened the way for the expression of individual feeling in art, are still sources of inspiration for creators, often unconsciously. 

What remains of those today? 

The four themes that we would like to highlight and that stand as a remaining source of inspiration are:

  • man's individual link with nature,

  • the feeling of love

  • the dream 

  • death

We invite today's artists to come and witness this inspiration in their creations. Four sculptors and painters will exhibit two of their works at the Château de Rolle from September 7 to 17, 2021. They are launching an artistic challenge to four young artists residing in Switzerland, who will be selected to exhibit one of their works illustrating one of these four themes.

The young artists born after 1985 and wishing to participate in the challenge are invited to send us a portfolio or application file before August 15, 2021, to

The presentation files with the chosen work will include a presentation of the artist and his approach and eventually give rise to an interview with the organizers.

The exhibited works will be subject to a vote by professionals and the public. The designated artist will be awarded a prize and communication around his work.

For further information, please contact Hélène Rau at +41 (0)79 698 41 75.