The legacy of the great cultural revolutions 

To become aware of the legacy of past cultural movements both in our social life and in our current creative unconscious and shed light on Switzerland's place within these movements.


Highlighting young innovative artists

To allow the selected artists inspired by the theme to expose the innovative vision of their approach during an artistic challenge launched to visual artists and poets, complemented by support for the pursuit of their artistic project.

The artistic and

creative experience

Beyond the pleasure it brings and an expression of emotions, the artistic experience is at the center of better individual knowledge, surpassing oneself. It is accessible to all, as a spectator or creative actor.

It is a form of connection to the human experience, universal, between the work and its audience, between an artistic intention and the one who takes part in it, regardless of place and time.

As a creative actor, the audience experiences, in turn, the joy of creation as an individual and collective experience during the proposed workshops.


Bringing together communities and local talents around a common passion

To create a community of exchange and collaboration around the valorization of local wealth between the public, artists, the educational world, associations, and partner companies.


Create a relationship between emerging artists (visual arts + writing) and possible mentors from the cultural world.  


Beyond the annual edition of the festival, this community will have the mission to continue the exchanges in order to conceive the project for the next edition.




contribute to dissolving the boundaries between disciplines through a holistic approach to a movement of ideas.


develop meaningful partnerships, valuing the richness of the region and the unique contribution potential of each collaborator.


place creativity at the center of an individual and collective development process.



desacralization of culture and accessibility of the creative process.


Art is above all a human experience, produced and perceived through the prism of emotions, a poetic impulse to poeticize the world that everyone can experience.

Collecting and transmitting cultural heritage to encourage innovation by emerging artists

To provide an artistic and creative experience for the public in a local community